ADLER & HEARNE in Concert

Red Dragon Listening Room, 2401 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA

Red Dragon Listening Room is a not for profit Baton Rouge music venue for true music lovers! It's a cozy funky room all squeezed in tight with a quirky hodge podge of sofas and chairs filled with the most delightful people any musician could hope to share an evening with... Can you tell we're excited? Adler & Hearne played Red Dragon for the first time a year ago August when we opened for Jimmy LaFave and his amazing ensemble band. What a RECEPTION we had. Truly remarkable audience these Louisiana folks!! They gave us a standing ovation and cheered at the end of our set when host Chris Maxwell asked if they'd like us to come back and headline. They also passed the tip jar around for us, and when we got it back there was $350 give or take. Icing on the cake. Yes, this is a peachy gig. So, dear Red Dragonians.... here we come!!! :) For more info, email concert hosts Chris & Liz Maxwell at cmaxwell@premier.net or at rdlrbr@gmail.com. Let's meet at the Red Dragon! ~ A&H