Frankly, we fail miserably at the 'news and reviews' part of what we do in the world. We write songs from the heart. We record them well in fine studios with awesome musicians. We have great CD packaging artwork too. We even have radio promoters helping to get our music released to the FOLK and AMERICANA music DJs of the world. But we do not employ the help of a publicist, and as a result, we rarely have much to show in the way of press and reviews. We are hard-working, full-time touring singer-songwriters in the world though. And we are grateful indeed for that distinction. Check back here one of these days. Just maybe you'll find some exciting new press and reviews on Adler & Hearne. Otherwise, we'd love to see you at an upcoming concert, after which you can write your own review and kindly send it to us at WE'LL POST IT HERE IN THE COMING DAYS. : )   ”