Lynn Adler, Finalist in 22nd Annual BW Stevenson Memorial Singer-Songwriter Competition

POOR DAVID'S PUB, 1313 South Lamar St., Dallas, TX

For this Wednesday night memorial event, Lynn will be one of six finalists to pay homage to the great BW Stevenson. She'll be performing four original songs, as will the other five finalists. (2 of the songs the same as performed for the semi-finals; plus 2 more originals -- decisions, DECISIONS!) Lynn's been a finalist two other years (2001 and 2004), and she says she's tired of playing Ms. Nice Girl. She's stepping up her act, donning her miracle bra, and high-heeled pumps, and is going to show those five cowboys a thing or two. :)  This, of course, is Lynn's sad attempt at humor. Everyone left the evening of the semi-finals (4-28-10) feeling like family. The six finalists are simply blessed to be able to get up and share their songs with the world again, and maybe grow the circle of their audience a little wider. Hats off to David Card for his big heart and dedication to remembering BW in this special way. Complete list of correctly spelled names of other five finalists TO COME. See photos from the semi-finals and finals nights, and read Lynn's thoughts about such contests on the A&H News page.

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