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TCA | TEXAS TOURING ROSTER -- SPECIAL NOTE TO TEXAS FOLKS -- if you're a decisionmaker (or know one) for a Texas municipality, not-for-profit organization, public school/college or public library -- when you schedule Adler & Hearne for your community events, YOU'RE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE GRANT DOLLARS from our wonderful Texas Commission on the Arts via its Arts Respond Performance Support program! It's super easy for your organization to get set up with an account, and the folks in the office there are HAPPY to help you receive this support. It's a great way TCA supports the livelihood of the artists honored to be included on the official Texas Touring Roster. AND it's a great way TCA supports bringing the arts to LIFE at community events across the state.

Just send Lynn a personal email if you want to know more, and she'll follow up pronto! lynn.adler.songfarmer@gmail.com

WE'VE ENJOYED BEING ON THE ROAD SOME THIS PAST YEAR WITH OUR beautiful brand newest Howlin' Dog Records release The Ties That Bind Us.

We always post our upcoming appearances at the top of our HOME page; and we're working on being better abour posting here on our SHOWS page too. Eek! Please do check back often in the coming days for more concert dates on our SHOWS page.

We welcome your invitations to bring our music to your concert series, community event/festival, house concerts and Sunday morning church gigs too.

Love, peace and good vibes dear friends!

Lynn & Lindy


Previous events

Songs & Stories on a Sunday Afternoon with Adler & Hearne

(CST, UTC-06) (CST, UTC-06)

The Old Firehouse at Edom, 8241 FM 279, Edom/TX 75754

Doors open / schmoozing at 1:30 p.m.! Hats off to concert host, emcee and sound man extraordinaire Jeff Gottesman! We will be performing on what is now lovingly known as the Judy Gottesman Memorial Stage. Very special. Here's the address, etc. and we'd love to see you there.

Adler & Hearne will celebrate their newest album The Ties That Bind Us with a "home town" release concert on the Bowery Stage at Winnsboro Center for the Arts. This is Lynn Adler and Lindy Hearne' debut full album release on Howlin' Dog Records.

In October 2016, Adler & Hearne released their fifth duo recording "Simpatico" – a self-produced, double CD featuring 24 original songs in their signature brand of 'Folk with Spirit.' Several songs on the new bare-bones recording feature musical seasoning added with a light hand, from guest musical artists Lloyd Maines, Glenn Fukunaga and Pat Manske. Even though released late in the year, the CD was named among the official FOLK DJ Top CDs of 2016.

Adler & Hearne's 2014 release "Second Nature," was produced by Texas music legend Lloyd Maines, and made the FOLK DJ Top 10. Their 2012 release "Adler & Hearne Live at Eddie's Attic," showcases songs from a June 2011 concert on that venue's legendary stage in Decatur, GA, and features special guest Michael Johnson with whom they co-billed on that summer night. Returning to Nashville (the city where they first met), Adler & Hearne made their debut studio recording "To The Heart" – produced by Rick Clark, released in 2009 and in 2010 named among the Top 20 releases by the FOLK DJ community. In 2005, the couple released their first duo CD in the form of a live, house-concert recording aptly named "Opposites Attract." Also of note, due to Lindy Hearne's family tree connection to both Michael Hearne and Bill Hearne, two Adler & Hearne songs were included on 2017's "The Hearne Family Album" release on Howlin' Dog Records.

Adler & Hearne's December 3rd performance on the Bowery Stage will also feature Tony Stubbs on Bass and Woodie Thornton on Percussion.

Tickets $15-$22 per person -- see link for details

Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts

 —  —

Hood County Courthouse Square, 100 East Pearl Street, Granbury, TX

Happening from 12 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15 and 12 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 16 -- Adler & Hearne's sets will be 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, and 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday. Surrounding the beautiful and historic Granbury Downtown Square, Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts celebrates the best of fine art and fine craft from artists all over the country. Presented by the Historic Granbury Merchants Association, this long running festival showcases artists, makers and craftspeople. In addition to fabulous artist gallery booths, you’ll find food, local entertainment and seasonal activities and all surrounded by the most vibrant downtown square in Texas with wineries, unique shops, boutiques, art galleries, live entertainment venues and great restaurants. THIS IS GONNA BE A FUN FEST, and we're honored to be invited by the City of Granbury as official Texas Touring Artists of the Texas Commission on the Arts. Hats off to TCA!!!

Michael Hearne's 20th Annual BIG BARN DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL

 —  —

Kit Carson Park, 211 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM

We're simply looking forward to being present at this awesome family festival that's also a family reunion for us! We always look forward to joining friends and Hearne-family members on stage when asked, and otherwise enjoy making so many new friends each year. We'd love to see you there. We'll be one of five featured entertainers at the Taos Gallery Stroll on Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m., which is always a soulful time. And we'll have our brand new Howlin' Dog Records CDs with us and they'll be available in the merch tent too!!! We're so very thrilled to be releasing new music for the planet. This very special recording features multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Don Richmond, plus special guests Eliza Gilkyson, Bill Hearne, Michael Hearne and Jimmy Stadler. We hope you'll want to add our music to your collection!

See web link for details.

ADLER & HEARNE PERFORM AT A YET-TO-BE-ANNOUNCED TAOS GALLERY (ONE OF FIVE GALLERY-STROLL-FEATURED ART GALLERIES) IN TAOS, NM on Wednesday afternoon, September 7, 2021, from 4 to 6 p.m. -- as part of the day-early kick-off to MICHAEL HEARNE'S 20TH ANNUAL BIG BARN DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL. Gallery Stroll details TO COME! Please check back, or check the festival web site closer to the date.

A PRIVATE CD-Release house concert by Adler & Hearne

private home, Winnsboro, TX

This will be a private house potluck dinner and concert gathering at 5 p.m. (music at 6 p.m.) in a private home in Winnsboro, If you are interested in attending, email Lynn at lynn.adler.songfarmer@gmail.com

Admission is $20 suggested donation which goes to the artists, yours trulies. This will be a soulful evening of camaraderie, laughter, good food. GOOD MEDICINE!


ADLER & HEARNE in Concert

Red Dragon Listening Room, 2401 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA

Red Dragon Listening Room is a not for profit Baton Rouge music venue for true music lovers! It's a cozy funky room all squeezed in tight with a quirky hodge podge of sofas and chairs filled with the most delightful people any musician could hope to share an evening with... Can you tell we're excited? Adler & Hearne played Red Dragon for the first time a year ago August when we opened for Jimmy LaFave and his amazing ensemble band. What a RECEPTION we had. Truly remarkable audience these Louisiana folks!! They gave us a standing ovation and cheered at the end of our set when host Chris Maxwell asked if they'd like us to come back and headline. They also passed the tip jar around for us, and when we got it back there was $350 give or take. Icing on the cake. Yes, this is a peachy gig. So, dear Red Dragonians.... here we come!!! :) For more info, email concert hosts Chris & Liz Maxwell at cmaxwell@premier.net or at rdlrbr@gmail.com. Let's meet at the Red Dragon! ~ A&H    


Lindy Hearne honored with Top 20 spot on Wildflower's Bud Light Stage

WILDFLOWER ~ Richardson's Art & Music Festival, 2351 Performance Dr., Richardson, TX

Lindy Hearne was among the TOP 20 CONTESTANTS of the 2010 Wildflower Festival Performing Songwriter Contest, and has been invited to perform his songs on the Bud Light Stage (formerly the Acoustic Cafe Stage, next to the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts). Joining him will be partner Lynn Adler, and Lindy's lead-guitar wielding daughter Kate Hearne who will be home from having completed her first year as a Commercial Music major in guitar at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas. Adler & Hearne with special guest Kate Hearne are scheduled to go on at 3 PM for a 45-minute set. Please join us! ~ A&H P.S. Tickets to the show are super easy to obtain. Just click to the festival web site, go to Tickets, and everything you need to know to purchase online, and even to print at home to scan for entry at the festival -- it's all there. Easy as pie.

$20 1-day pass for entry to all



BREWBAKER'S RESTAURANT & PUB, 210 N. Main Street, Winnsboro, TX

Lindy Hearne & Gus Gustafson, with special guests Kate Hearne, Warren Jackson Hearne & Collin Herring Locally, Gus & Lindy have been co-billing/co-hosting some great nights of music during the past few months. If you live nearby or travel to our neck of the woods, watch our calendar and catch one of their shows. They do a fun mix of originals and treasured covers. Plus they host other guest artists most every night they play. Lynn sometimes sits in on a song or two or three. And some great up-and-coming talent is sharing the stage most nights too. It's soulful and FUN. This night of May 14 kicks off a fun weekend, and this night's special guests make up a family reunion of sorts. Kate Hearne (Lindy's youngest) will be home from completing her freshman year as a Commercial Music guitar major at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas. Warren Jackson Hearne (Lindy's oldest son) wraps up his spring concert tour on this night, joined on stage in his own set by fellow Austin musician Collin Herring, an indie alt-country artist with whom Warren is sharing the state on his spring tour across the south up to NYC and back via Nashville and Chicago. Warren bills his music as "Melodramatic Popular Song, French Pop, and Gospel." Certainly, those are his influences, though his music is original beyond description really. You'll find all three of this night's special guests on their respective MySpace pages. Google 'em. This will be yet another night you'll want to come "camp out" at Brewbaker's. Get there early to claim your table. And come HUNGRY! This pub fare is divine. P.S. KATE OPENS FOR TERRI HENDRIX and Lloyd Maines on SATURDAY NIGHT, MAY 15, at the CROSSROADS stage at Winnboro Center for the Arts! 200 N. Market Street, Winnsboro. Doors 7 PM; music at 7:30 PM. $15 adv / $18 door / $20 reserved. Call Crossroads for tickets: (903) 342-1854 or (888) 342-1854.



Lynn Adler, Finalist in 22nd Annual BW Stevenson Memorial Singer-Songwriter Competition

POOR DAVID'S PUB, 1313 South Lamar St., Dallas, TX

For this Wednesday night memorial event, Lynn will be one of six finalists to pay homage to the great BW Stevenson. She'll be performing four original songs, as will the other five finalists. (2 of the songs the same as performed for the semi-finals; plus 2 more originals -- decisions, DECISIONS!) Lynn's been a finalist two other years (2001 and 2004), and she says she's tired of playing Ms. Nice Girl. She's stepping up her act, donning her miracle bra, and high-heeled pumps, and is going to show those five cowboys a thing or two. :)  This, of course, is Lynn's sad attempt at humor. Everyone left the evening of the semi-finals (4-28-10) feeling like family. The six finalists are simply blessed to be able to get up and share their songs with the world again, and maybe grow the circle of their audience a little wider. Hats off to David Card for his big heart and dedication to remembering BW in this special way. Complete list of correctly spelled names of other five finalists TO COME. See photos from the semi-finals and finals nights, and read Lynn's thoughts about such contests on the A&H News page.

$5 Cover


Adler & Hearne at The Crossroads

Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co., 216 N. Main Street, Winnsboro, TX

We LOVE playing the Crossroads stage -- the Crossroads audience is SO awesome. And of course, we love having Kate Hearne open for us. No doubt she'll be the featured lead guitarist during our sets as well. More about who else will be joining us on stage in the days to come.

NOTE: This concert takes place on the Saturday night of the final weekend of Winnsboro's monthlong Autumn Trails events. On this morning, we look forward to enjoying Winnsboro's famed Antique Car Parade. Find out more at: http://www.winnsboro.com

$15 adv / $18 door / $20 rsvd