Our calendar and a word about scheduling Adler & Hearne for your event!

TCA | TEXAS TOURING ROSTER -- SPECIAL NOTE TO TEXAS FOLKS -- if you're a decisionmaker (or know one) for a Texas municipality, not-for-profit organization, public school/college or public library -- when you schedule Adler & Hearne for your community events, YOU'RE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE GRANT DOLLARS from our wonderful Texas Commission on the Arts via its Arts Respond Performance Support program! It's super easy for your organization to get set up with an account, and the folks in the office there are HAPPY to help you receive this support. It's a great way TCA supports the livelihood of the artists honored to be included on the official Texas Touring Roster. AND it's a great way TCA supports bringing the arts to LIFE at community events across the state.

Just send Lynn a personal email if you want to know more, and she'll follow up pronto! lynn.adler.songfarmer@gmail.com

IT'S ALMOST WINTER 2022 AND WE'RE CHOMPING AT THE BIT TO BE ON THE ROAD MORE IN 2023 with our beautiful brand new Howlin' Dog Records release The Ties That Bind Us.

Please do check back often in the coming days for more concert dates on our Calendar page!

We welcome your invitations to bring our music to your concert series, community event/festival, house concerts and Sunday morning church gigs too.

Love, peace and good vibes dear friends!

Lynn & Lindy