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Adler & Hearne: SHOWS

Jan 29, 2011 Red Dragon Listening Room Baton Rouge Louisiana USA
May 17, 2010 Something is amiss!


This site has had it's 'issues' off and on since November 2005 as we were otherwise involved in the music business as very wealthy and famous owners of a live music venue called Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co. in Winnsboro, TX.

But when Kate Hearne graduated from Winnsboro High School in 2009, and headed off to South Plains College on a guitar scholarship, well we decided "What the heck," passed on our baton as presenters, dusted off our full-time performing songwriter hats, and VOILA. We have discovered there are many more dozens of dollars to be made as touring folk singers, so we're officially hooked.

And happily, Crossroads continues to evolve with the guidance of its newest director, Gus Gustafson, and in partnership with Winnsboro Center for the Arts. Also, we've been named Crossroads' official Artists in Residence, which makes us feel like rock stars.

Eventually we'll get the random missing concert dates filled in for posterity!! Thanks for understanding.

May 16, 2010 WILDFLOWER ~ Richardson's Art & Music Festival Richardson Texas Uni
May 14, 2010 BREWBAKER'S RESTAURANT & PUB Winnsboro Texas Uni
May 12, 2010 POOR DAVID'S PUB Dallas Texas US
Nov 1, 2007 A&H Concert Dates 11-2007 thru 4-2010 to be posted
Oct 27, 2007 Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co. Winnsboro TX
Oct 19, 2007 First United Methodist Church Carthage MO
Sep 14, 2007 Pickin' in the Pines Pine Mills TX USA
Aug 25, 2007 Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co. Winnsboro TX USA
Aug 1, 2007 Searcey House Concert Overland Park Kansas USA
Jul 29, 2007 Sommerville House Concert Traverse City Michigan USA
Jul 29, 2007 Faith Reformed Church Traverse City Michigan USA
Jul 27, 2007 Music at the Moyes House Concert Suttons Bay Michigan USA
Jul 25, 2007 Tanze Performing Arts Studio Fairfield Ohio USA
Jul 24, 2007 House Concert at Rick Clarks house Nashville TN USA
Jul 22, 2007 House Concert at Emily Kaitz house Fayetteville Arkansas USA
Jun 29, 2007 Alpine Road Concert Series Longview TX
Mar 3, 2007 ADLER & HEARNE and Friends Winnsboro Texas USA
Oct 13, 2006 Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co. opening for Josh White, Jr. Winnsboro Texas
Jan 20, 2006 Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Co. Winnsboro Texas
Sep 30, 2005 Trails Country Center for the Arts Winnsboro Texas
Aug 19, 2005 NPR/Red River Radio Shreveport LA
Aug 6, 2005 Camp Winni Center Harbor NH
Jul 31, 2005 First Congregational Church Traverse City MI
Jul 29, 2005 Music at the Moyes' House Concert Suttons Bay MI
Jul 27, 2005 TLC Tomatoes Hydroponic Produce Suttons Bay MI
Jul 25, 2005 Whitby House Concert Twin Lake MI
Jul 24, 2005 Rodeheaver House Concert Hudsonville MI
Jul 23, 2005 Wiggins House Concert Fairfield OH
Jul 22, 2005 The Conrad Cooper House Concert O'Fallon MO
Jul 21, 2005 The Old Post Office on Broadway Siloam Springs AR
Jul 15, 2005 Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards Pittsburg Texas
Jul 8, 2005 Muggs Cafe Lindale Texas

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