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Adler & Hearne: BIO

The short story

Hmmm. Something slightly awry here  as we have a brand NEW double CD "Simpatico" and updated BIO that seem to be missing here. Check back soon for this to be remedied, friends. And in the meantime, all else below still stands. : )

The short story... ADLER & HEARNE | Second Nature 

Lindy (left) and Lynn kid around about being rich and famous folk moguls.

ADLER & HEARNE… a spirited blend of original ‘Texas Folk,’ with Jazz and Blues overtones.

March 2016 – From Texas’ upper east side in the rural arts hamlet of Winnsboro, award-winning performing songwriters Lynn Adler and Lindy Hearne (self-proclaimed “organic song farmers”) tour nationally, serving up seasoned original songs mixed with fresh harvests of homegrown music in a spirited and soulful genre they define simply as "Texas Folk,” with subtle jazz and blues overtones.  

After years of  touring coast to coast, Adler & Hearne currently are on a bit of a haiatus from the incessant touring schedule they've kept up for the past five-plus years. In September 2014, they wrapped up on a four-month concert tour in support of their new CD “Second Nature,” produced by Texas music icon Lloyd Maines, recorded at The Zone in Dripping Springs, TX outside Austin, and officially released on Labor Day, September 1, 2014.

In June of that year, the duo was honored by the Texas Commission on the Arts, being named to the state’s official Texas Touring Roster for the September 2014-1016 touring season -- an honor that now has been extended through August of 2018.

In concert, she (Adler) and he (Hearne) blend their voices and instruments in a spirited signature sound that reflects their true second-nature connection through song. The two met in Nashville while on solo musical journeys. Years later their paths merged in Texas, where they formed the duo Adler & Hearne, along with their indie label Spring Hollow Records.

In 2005, they released a house concert recording aptly named “Opposites Attract.” Returning to Nashville (the city where they first met), Adler & Hearne made their debut studio recording “To The Heart” – released in 2009, and in 2010 named among the Top 20 releases by the Folk DJ community. Their 2012 release “Adler & Hearne Live at Eddie’s Attic,” showcases songs from a June 2011 concert on the legendary stage in Decatur, GA, and features special guest Michael Johnson with whom they co-billed on that summer night.

In addition to producer Lloyd Maines’ instrumental contributions, their new release “Second Nature,” (released September 1, 2014) features guitar-slinger/songwriter daughter Kate Hearne on lead guitar on several of the CD’s 13 songs. Other special musical guests featured are Glenn Fukunaga (bass), Chris Gage (keys), Terri Hendrix (harmonica and harmony vocals), Pat Manske (percussion and engineer) and Steve Smith (mandolin).

At least two new recordings on the front burners at the song farm kitchen include a new 'songs of the spirit' recording comprised of the duo's original songs of a more spiritual nature (title and details TBA), and a new collection of Adler & Hearne's growing repertoire of original songs inspired by their East Texas piney woods home and life.

Adler & Hearne's music has grown deep roots in the sandy soil and piney woods of their Spring Hollow Organic Song Farm. The duo’s musical formative years share common experiences in folk, gospel and classical music – organic influences that inform their singing and songwriting. But the subject matter of their songs knows no bounds, nor does their musical style. Their live sets range from crooning songs of love and longing, losing and finding – to covering touchy subjects with unexpected musical overtones – to camping it up with modern day spirituals steeped in dry wit. The two pride themselves on their multigenerational audience appeal.

Adler & Hearne's favorite places to sow songs in people’s hearts include house concerts,  community concert halls and folk venues, church coffeehouses and Sunday morning church services, festivals and conferences, schools and libraries, and venues of all description that provide an opportunity to have a meaningful connection with a listening audience. Coast to coast and worldwide. Connect with Adler & Hearne online, or email them directly at: for bookings, interviews, music orders, etc.



Adler & Hearne P.O. Box 979 Winnsboro, TX 75494

EPK at | song farm office (AKA cell phone #) 214.952.6086

Connect via Facebook pages: Lynn Adler, Lindy Hearne, and Adler & Hearne 

KETR's Notably Texan and DJ Matt Meinke rock the airwaves in rural East Texas.

Here's an informative, live-in-the-studio radio interview with Adler & Hearne! One of these days, we'll post "The longer story about our lives as 'organic song farmers.' In the meantime, KETR "Notably Texan" radio host Matt Meinke produced a detail-packed, one-hour interview of yours trulies, broadcast on July 29, 2010.

Link here to listen: 

Better yet -- cut and paste the above link into a separate browser to listen while you browse our site, or while you cook dinner, or fold laundry, or do your homework, or curl up with someone you love. Laugh with us. Hear some live-in-the-studio performances of our songs. And hey! Why not start that email to us about performing in your living room one of these days soon? Here ya go!

By the way, KETR is "our" National Public Radio station, located on the campus of Texas A&M in Commerce (just about 40 miles northwest of our home). Hats off to Matt Meinke and all the other fine radio folks out there in the world who work so hard to keep music aLIVE and well in the world by helping music like ours find its way to the ears of folks like YOU! 

The longer story...

The longer story...

This is the story of us, musically speaking.

Where to begin?! We could write volumes, starting with being children whose fathers were church musicians of the highest order, and whose mothers patiently encouraged us to “practice, practice, practice” our instruments and singing. Lynn, of course, must point out that she was a mere toddler in the Ada, Oklahoma town of her birth when Lindy became a member of the famed Texas Boys Choir his fourth grade (thru eighth grade) years in his hometown of Fort Worth. (But then Lindy gloats how he fondly remembers the 'summer of love,' where poor Lynnie remained virtually clueless well into the 1970s.)

College days could be a fun topic, what with all the music making Lindy was into at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR. And Lynn too, during her college years at Carson Newman in Jefferson City, TN. Add up all the performances, LP recordings and road trips between the two of us and our various ensembles, and it's clear those college years played a big role in preparing us for the gypsy, touring, recording life we lead today.

Hmm. We could get nostalgic about our solo careers as performing songwriters. Lindy as himself, and with The Lindy Hearne Band performing USO Tours around the globe (1975-1979). And as leader of his band A Touch of Country which for two and a half years (1976-1978) was the backing band for legendary Roy Clark, playing stages from “Hee Haw” to Carnegie Hall, and from Las Vegas, Reno and Tahoe to the Johnny Carson Show and more.

As solo pioneers of the so-called "contemporary Christian music (CCM)" scene of the late '70s and early '80s (honestly, we just prefer referring to this aspect of our lives/music as spiritual songs), we met in Nashville as friends in 1979. Given our families' roots in the Baptist church, it was only natural we gravitated toward the CCM direction initially with our music, though we now describe ourselves simply as "folk singers" (who happen to be Episcopalian). And who actively seek out opportunities to sing on any given Sunday morning in churches of all descriptions.

Lindy's solo releases back in the day were a "Lindy Hearne" self-titled release in 1975, followed by 1980's "Diamonds In The Rough" on the Ariel label, and 1982's "Vessel of Love" on the Voicebox label. Lynn's solo releases (last name "Sutter" then) included the 1979 release "Everlasting Kind of Love" on the Dayspring label of Word Records, and the 1984 release "Movin' On" on the Crescendo Records label. One of her claims to fame is a song she penned ("Sweet Adoration") that ended up as a serendipitous collaboration with Nashville songwriters Brown Bannister and Dawn Rodgers, and wound up as the first song on the first side (old school speak) of songstress Debby Boone's 1980 first-ever gospel release "With My Song" on the Lamb & Lion label. One of Lindy's claims to fame is his song "Holy Spirit," which found its way onto the famed Rev. Al Green's 1985 funk-soul-gospel release "Trust In God" on the Memphis-based Hi Records label. What a trip!

Whoa! Here's a vintage photo of Lindy and Lynn (circa 1983) when Lindy was helping Lynn make her solo recording Whoa! Here's a vintage photo of Lindy and Lynn (circa 1983) when Lindy was helping Lynn make her solo recording "Movin' On" at Ardent Recording Studios in Memphis.

From the mid-80s through 2000 we remained on our solo musical paths. During those years Lindy was deeply involved as performer and record producer for the National Episcopal Church's EYE (Episcopal Youth Event) conferences, and was leader of the Sunday morning Folk Service at his church Trinity Episcopal in Fort Worth. He also founded the Trinity Coffeehouse live music venue there. His claim to fame from this period -- and to this day -- is simply that his 'songs of the spirit' are still sung in Episcopal church services and campgrounds coast to coast.

During that same time period, Lynn mostly took time off from music making and enjoyed a successful career in Dallas making a living with words. First in newspaper journalism, then corporate communications, and finally advertising and marketing writing before going freelance. One of her favorite music-related projects during those years was co-writing the theme song, with music producer Tim Cissell, for the PBS Children’s TV series “Wishbone.”

Adler and Hearne's solo paths merged in 2001. Lynn came out with her solo CD "Bird On The Wing," in the spring of 2002 -- the first release on the Spring Hollow Records label, and produced by Adler, Hearne and Paul "Pappy" Middleton. Followed by Lindy's solo CD "Lifetime Supply" on the same label in 2003, with producer Sam Taylor (who as it turns out is the one who introduced Lynn and Lindy years earlier in Nashville). Then came the official duo's first CD "Opposites Attract" -- recorded live at The Monastery house concert series in their adopted hometown of Winnsboro, TX, and again produced by Taylor. Released 2005.

Since we've been touring full time, we have released four more fine CDs on our Spring Hollow Records label -- "To The Heart" (2009) produced by Rick Clark and recorded at House of David in Nashville with a star cast of players, "Adler & Hearne Live at Eddie's Attic" (2011) with special guest Michael Johnson), "Second Nature," (2014) produced by Lloyd Maines, and our latest double-CD release celebrating 15 years of organic song farming together "Simpatico" (2016) self produced by yours trulies -- one disc Folk and the other disc Spirit. Our earlier recordings have enjoyed success in terms of airplay by the FOLK DJ community worldwide, as well as being embraced by our listening audiences at live shows. Now, this latest release "Simpatico" is in the hands of FOLK and AMERICANA DJs worldwide as of October 1, 2016. And in fact, though released late in the year, was among the FOLK DJ Top CDs of 2016. Our fingers are crossed that this new music will reach even more ears in the days to come.

We've won various awards as performing songwriters (solo and duo) through the years at such events as the Wildflower Festival, the Walnut Valley Festival, the Eureka Springs Ozark Folk Festival, the B.W. Stevenson Memorial, and the Kerrville Folk Festival. Plus we've enjoyed some notoriety being chosen as Official Showcase Artists at the noted regional Folk Alliance conferences FARM 2010 (Folk Alliance Region Midwest) and SERFA 2011 (South East Regional Folk Alliance) -- both valuable experiences that still spark new performing opportunities for us as we tour coast to coast.

We work hard just like most folks -- we just commute farther than most. We're migrant song farmers from East Texas, doing what we love for our living. Whoever you are reading this bio -- thank you for hosting us in your venues, for coming to our shows and buying our music, for reviewing our CDs and live performances -- for whatever reason you read this far -- we appreciate your interest. And we promise to do all we can to make you glad you came out to an Adler & Hearne concert, that you hosted us in a concert in your home, or that you bought our music to listen to in your life or to share with others.

Love & peace through song always,

Lynn & Lindy